Why did the Media Ignore March in March?

Here’s the post that inspired my On journalism post.

shpmarchwidedean-20140316180446674017-620x349 March in March in Sydney: A Pointless Protest says News Limited

It wasn’t that long ago that the mainstream media and in particular Channel Nine and Seven widely reported the crowds of anger, and the so-called “convoy of no confidence” that descended on to the lawns of Parliament House to protest the then Labor Government’s Carbon Tax.

There, stood the diminutive attention-seeking shock jock Alan Jones, whipping the crowd of some 300 forestry workers, butchers and bogans from Ipswich declaring that the apparent late arrival of the so-called “convoy,” was due to Australian Federal Police preventing the convoy from entering the ACT at the NSW Border.

“This is the most disgraceful thing that has ever been done to democracy,” Jones told the rally.

Of course, all this turned out to be veritable bullshit, with the AFP subsequently confirming that no intervention was necessary as no convoy in fact existed.

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