On journalism

On Sunday, 16th March 2014 over 100, ooo Australians took to the streets of their capital cities and in many regional centres and towns as well to peacefully protest their displeasure with the current Liberal administration, which is led by Prime Minister Tony Abbott.

The March in March protest as it was called received very little prime media coverage. I watched the 6pm nine news and there was no mention of it. They did however mention the St Patrick Day march which drew around 200 people. The Sydney March in March protest drew between 12,000 and 20,000 depending on your source.

The ABC did a story on it but there was little on no mention of it in the majority of the mainstream media outlets. Regardless of your political persuasion, it is very disturbing that such a significant event would go largely ignored by the mainstream media. This is not new to Australian media either… There are similar events happening all around the world which are pretty much ignored by mainstream media all the time. It is wasn’t for social media, much would go unreported at all. The March in March was actually organised through social media so for once we have an example of a true, grass roots movement. We have witnessed, in Australia where most of us are, let’s face it, mostly too lazy to get off our collective backsides to do anything so bothersome as to protest the government. Especially on a Sunday when there are far more important things to do like watch sport, or wash your car. However, if you had of washed your car that Sunday morning it would have been in vain as a sudden and severe storm hit Sydney around lunch time causing flash flooding in areas and still the crowds came.

Yet channel nine news did not think this event newsworthy?

I have a degree in Journalism and up until now, I was proud to have that under my belt. Sure, I do not currently make my living as a journalist (not from lack of trying but that’s another story) but I always took to heart what I was taught in that first semester ….the three core tenements of journalism. Accuracy, fairness and balance.

I do not see much of any of the above in journalism today and that is something to be concerned about.