Truth Joy Beauty

Just my thoughts and reflections about living and loving in the post-post modern age.


I started Truth Joy Beauty way back in 2009 of as an online journal of sorts, with the intention of having it be part auto-biographical, part social commentary and whatever else got my goad at the time. Back then I was on Blogger. Well, a lot has certainly changed since 2009. I have now retrained as a counsellor and am beginning an exciting new chapter in my professional life as a therapist. It really feels like the culmination, in a sense, of a journey which began with starting this blog which was so ambitiously titled, Truth Joy Beauty.
For the handful of you who have been following me since then, I guess this site has changed somewhat in tone and topic, not so much about dating, being single and forty but more about topics related to therapy, being human and forty(something)!
I hope you enjoy reading my blog. Feel free to comment or drop me a line if you so desire.

If you live in Sydney and are interested in my counselling service, please visit my counselling blog: francescapcounselling for more information on that.

Be well.


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