Reality vs. Illusion – do you know the difference?

Ever wanted something (or someone) so bad you could almost taste it? Ever thought to yourself, if I feel this strongly about it then it must mean something? Have you ever felt so sure that something was ‘meant to be’ that you disregarded any and all evidence that did not agree with your version of reality? Ever disregarded signs that if you were in your right mind would have been like billboards in your face but instead, and perhaps because you are so close to your version of the ‘truth’ you can’t see it for what it really is. All you can see are pixelated dots…

Yes well we’ve all been there. I admit that sometimes, it is hard to see what really is because well, the truth, the real truth is far too painful to bear. The real truth involves looking at yourself first. Questioning your motivations, examining your actions and seeing the connection between  your actions and their consequences. It involves having an honest look around with fresh and unbiased eyes. Distinguishing what you think is verses what is really there. And that starts within. Because reality is really what you make of it. And if you can’t face the reality within, you most certainly are not going to be able to face the reality without.

You can choose your own reality to an extent. However, sometimes, reality does not allow itself to be chosen. Sometimes reality makes itself known to you in the most ardent, blunt and sometimes even violent way. And that may be hard to face but sometimes it is just the way it is. Acceptance of reality is the first step towards true freedom and well being.  Accepting what is doesn’t mean you have to live with something you don’t like. Accepting what is doesn’t make what is true for you any different. It just makes it your truth. Being able to distinguish, however, what is true for you vs. what the reality of the situation is can save you (and those around you and those affected by your warped sense of reality) a lot of heartache and pain.

In the end it is your choice. You can choose to live in the moment, which involves accepting the reality of what is or you can continue to allow illusion to cloud your judgement and rob you of what is rightfully yours, your peace of mind and a chance at real happiness…

So what’s it going to be, reality or illusion?

I am fully aware of my own truth


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