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What I learned about love and relationships from watching The Bachelor finale last night

Love is not only a many splendid thing, but its also damn hard to define, as Blake so often mentioned, it’s about the “intangibles”.

In my opinion, and many people I have spoken with this morning(o.k. three people) , Lisa would have been the sensible choice for Blake. Mature, together, assured, poised and all round lovely Lisa. But in the end he went for the awkward, socially inept, down to earth and girlish Sam.

Now, I am going to say it, I knew it would be Sam about half way through, (yes I admit to becoming addicted to the drama that was The Bachelor) even while being equally appalled by the whole premise of the show however, I tell myself, hey it’s not that different to real life now is it?

Truly “eligible” men are damn hard to find. By eligible I mean a man that is kind hearted, respectful, has manners, has his shit together financially (or a steady job at least) and who knows what he wants and how he feels and is able to articulate it. A rare creature indeed. Most of us have to settle for maybe two or three of the above in a guy so to find a man that has them all, and is into you and vice versa, well that’s the fairytale jackpot now isn’t it?

But yeah, it was something about the way Blake looked at Sam, the way he found everything she did adorable, the way he kept trying to convince her or how awesome she was….all those things gave it away for me. Although, I must admit, there was a time during last nights final show when I thought, maybe he will pick Lisa. Maybe he will think with his head and not his heart as the things he said he wanted in a woman described Lisa to me more than they described Sam. But, on that final date with Sam it was written all over his face. Sam, Sam, Sam…his heart was drowning out his head 10 – 1.

But, I have to say it, proposing to someone after around half a dozen dates is just plain stupid. How can you truly know someone well enough after 6 dates and while you’ve been dating 30 other women at the same time.

It’s obvious, that Blake is in love, and love… it make no sense!

The thing that a show like The Bachelor is that it highlights both the good, bad and the ugly when it comes to love and relationships. It’s like a neat, controlled social and psychological experiment. Part of the reason why I find it so fascinating I guess. The show is set up like a cruel round robin of a game, which I guess is what love is in a way, as much as I hate to admit it sometimes, and as such in the immortal words of ABBA:


The news is all over social media, Blake and Sam have, gasp, broken up! There are conflicting reports as to why…however, just goes to show, well I’m not sure what goes to show, or proves for that matter. Should he have picked Lisa. Should I even care? I don’t know anymore! Nothing makes sense….least of all The Bachelor!


Now I am totally confused, and not sure why I even care but the lastest news is that The Bachelor, Blake is that his name? Anyway, apparently he has now gone and hooked up with third place contestant Louise. Well, you know what. This is it. I give up. I need to focus on studying more anyway…


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