Truth Joy Beauty

Just my thoughts and reflections about living and loving in the post-post modern age.

Hope springs

Spring is in the air…finally. Sydney is a town that suits Spring. Not too hot, not too cold. Temperate, measured yet full of hope and possibilities. Maybe there’s a connection there, when I think of the saying, hope springs eternal, for Spring is the season of hope. When suddenly the sun shines gently and everything doesn’t seem as bad as it did when the days were darker, colder, shorter. Spring serves to thaw us out with its gentle breezes, and welcome warmth.

Animals get it. Spring is peak mating season and humans, mammals too, are no exception. Love seems almost possible in Spring. You can almost fool yourself that this time, somehow, it will all work out. We will live forever. Love can outlast death. All will be well. Love will triumph. Love rules in Spring, when getting naked seems almost natural again. As if, these clothes we adorn ourselves with are just that, adornment and nothing else. Real, is naked and naked is when you feel alive the most. No longer are you shivering in your smalls but you are reluctant to get dressed, wandering the house in your underwear dreading having to cover up and face the artificial world.

But when you do finally walk outside and look up and around the feeling you get is one of gratitude, as if yes, for the moment…this is enough. This sun, this breeze, this breath that means you exist, this is enough. As it should be.



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