Moira – the higher path

I learned something interesting today, while home sick in bed, reading an interesting book called, The Power of Coincidence by Frank Joseph. I learned about something called Moira.
Moira is the Greek word for ‘higher path’. Moira means following your bliss, or your heart, rather than doing what is expected of you by family and friends. It means, sometimes, incurring the condemnation of your family, friends and sometimes even society. It may sometimes make you the rebel, the misunderstood and may often misalign you with those that have been closest to you because they cannot understand why you are choosing to, maybe in their minds, wreck your life. This is because choosing the path of Moira is not always the most lucrative path. It can be hard work, seemingly fruitless and can sometimes even lead to financial ruin, as well as spiritual enlightenment and personal growth. Though, this does not always have to be the case. It depends on the individual.
Moira involves doing what you are in a sense, born to do. It is different to accepting your fate, blindly following the wide path ahead. Everyone shares similar fates. We are all born, we grow old and we will all die. Moira involves your destiny, that higher path that you can either choose to take, or choose to ignore. You can choose to accept your fate or follow your destiny, your moira, your bliss.
Fate is something that is thrust upon us, moira by contrast is a choice. It is the chance / choice to either rise above the ordinary, a choice to rise above mere desire for material and physical needs and the natural desire for stability and acceptance. It is the choice between being true to our inner selves or going with that outer shell that is sometimes part construct and maybe a combination of what others perceive you to be and what you feel you ought to be.
We all have the choice. Moira is something that is offered to us all…it just depends on whether you choose the safe, known path afforded to you, or the higher, often rockier road. (This could be while things like climbing mountains, or journeys into space, such as in Stanley Kubrick’s 2001: A Space Odyssey, as mentioned in the aforementioned book, are often used as metaphors for such lofty pursuits.)
It’s the choice we have to either follow our own dreams, as difficult as that may sometimes be, or to live someone else’s dream….

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